Stone Well Service is a rig company focusing solely on services associated with workover rigs.

  We are not distracted with multifaceted operations that typically requires larger number of employees with less experience, just to complete day to day tasks.

  The two guiding  core values, of common sense and the golden rule, has been a big factor in attracting and retaining employees with many of the same values.  Employees that are rich in experience, some that are 3rd and 4th generation oilfield hands, are the main ingredient for the success that we have experienced, over nearly twenty years of operation.

  Combining experienced employees with state of the art equipment, has guided the company through some of  the best and worst times, the oil and gas industry has ever experienced.



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Uniform equipment

      All Rigs same make and model.

      All pumps same make and model

      All hydraulic catwalks same make and model

Highly experienced workforce

       Tool Pushers average over 25 yrs experience

       Operator average over 16 yrs experience

       Retention for all employees average 6 yrs. 

              With some having more then 15 yrs.

       Consistent crews is high priority

              Some crews greater then 5 yrs


       All employees is PEC Safeland trained.

       Numerous annual training classes

       Well control for pushers and operators

       Behavioral based safety practices

       Company safety campaigns

              Stop Work campaign

              Short Service Employee

              Journey Management

              Daily safety observations

ISN Net Ratings

       All current Clients B Rating or better.

TRIR Number

       2021 anticipated number 0.93