Stone Well Service is an oil and gas rig contractor, specializing/focusing on service rigs and the appropriate auxiliary equipment. 


  With our main focus being  on service rigs, we are better positioned to provide a superior service, emphasizing  safety, efficiency and overall productivity to our employees and clients.

  Ours rigs are all Falcon 500 series double derrick rigs.  Derrick heights range from 104' to 112' with hydrostatic hook loads of 270,000 lbs. on eight lines. All rigs are equipped with McKissick 84A (4 sheave) blocks, enabling full static load of the derricks.

  By having uniform equipment across the country, (i.e. Rigs, Pumps, Pipe handlers etc.); the benefits of a uniform equipment fleet result in better safety, efficiency and minimal orientation which not only benefits Stone, but also our clients.





Rod & Tubing Repair


24 Hour Work

Plug & Abandon

Gas Storage